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Meteor Crush

You are the last hope of world Hit meteors and save everyone Accelerate satellites and crush meteors.  Clear endless danger waves. Tear meteors to pieces so planet and all living things can live. Smash meteorites and help world. Meteor Crush       
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Finally I released my First Game; The Red Button

Finally I released  "The Red Button Don't Touch It" . My First Game for Android. Game has only one objective; be fast enough to react and click the green button. Playstore Link : Please don't hesitate to give me feedback!

How to set alarm to show a notification at future date with AlarmManager?

Lets assume you want to do a job a future time or show a notification at a selected time. AlarmManager can help to send an intent in future time. First we need to select date, Lets create a date in 2050, Calendar calendar = Calendar. getInstance () ; calendar.set(Calendar. YEAR , 2050 ) ; Date date = calendar.getTime() ; For showing notification we need a service. public class AlarmReceiver extends Service { public AlarmReceiver() { } @Override public IBinder onBind (Intent intent) { } } Add service to Manifest.xml <service android :name= "com.kozaxinan.example.alarm.AlarmReceiver" android :enabled= "true" android :exported= "true" > </service> We will modify AlarmReceiver for sending notification. But first we need to register a alarm. AlarmManager alarmManager = (AlarmManager) getSystemService( ALARM_SERVICE ) ; Intent intent = new Intent( this, AlarmReceiver. class ) ; intent.putExtra( &q

Touch Screen Fix for OnePlus One. (Notification panel opening problem during phone call)

OnePlus One's screen has some bugs. One them is BACON-347 ( ) The first touch in any location while a phone call, pulls down the notification panel. This app can fix notificaiton panel opening problem while a phone call. Immersive mode without root or xposed mode. Now it is possible to prevent this bug FOREVER. Please remember that this app only work during phone call. If you have other touch screen issues please report that bugs to OnePlus. Until this post 500+ users installed and 43 of them gave 4.75 point for review. According to Flurry, this app fixed this problem more than 40.000 times for these 500+ users in just a month. What is the problem: The problem is shown in the BACON-347 ( ). There is some ghost touch above status bar which cause to open notification panel. After first touch to screen, phone assume that these two touches releated (Your touch and ghost touch) and tell t

How to retry HTTP requests with OkHttp/Retrofit?

I need to retry some of my requests so I searched for a simple way to that bu I can't find it. I  find a stackoverflow question[0] about it but answer suggests a complicated solution. So if you want to retry a request you can find my answer useful. [0] -

How to use SwipeRefreshLayout? Example

Google just released a new version of Android Support Library with SwipeRefreshLayout[1]. It is pull to refresh layout based on Google Now, not Gmail. Before this release most of android developers use PullToRefresh library from Chris Banes (Special thanks to him for great libraries and android development tips) But with the recent release of Google, Chris drop his support to own library - PullToRefresh. [2] We have SwipeRefreshLayout now it is simple to use with a few line of codes. Step One: Install Update your Android Support Library in Android SDK manager and make sure you have version 19.1. Then right click on project and select "Android Tools->Add Support Library". After instaltion your project has brand new support library. Step Two: Layout You should add your scrool view or list view in to a "SwipeRefreshLayout" <    xmlns:android= "

Making An Android App In A Week (Currency - Simple Converter)

PRE APP TALKS Last month i set a goal for myself. Making Android app in one week. But after i choose application context, I and my friend talk about code and UI design. We want to make a "Currency -Simple Converter" app. We looked Markets for other apps in same category, we realized nearly all of then have ugly UI, bad UX. I think a mobile app has to be simple as possible an easy to use for everyone. I always want to make simple, clean UI. So we draw some sketch and started a web search for how we can get exchange rate datas for FREE :) After this quick search, we choose to use Yahoo. In that pre coding section, we decide to make an experiment about app's language. I wanted to add as many as possible language options and see what happens :) I hoped coding will take maximum 10 hours. (Actually it takes 11-12 hours to finish coding, bug fixing, adding theme option, UI and UX adjustments)  All process goes like this; FIND IDEA THINK ABOUT IT DESIGN UI AND