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Touch Screen Fix for OnePlus One. (Notification panel opening problem during phone call)

OnePlus One's screen has some bugs. One them is BACON-347 ( The first touch in any location while a phone call, pulls down the notification panel. This app can fix notificaiton panel opening problem while a phone call.

Immersive mode without root or xposed mode. Now it is possible to prevent this bug FOREVER.

Please remember that this app only work during phone call. If you have other touch screen issues please report that bugs to OnePlus.

Until this post 500+ users installed and 43 of them gave 4.75 point for review. According to Flurry, this app fixed this problem more than 40.000 times for these 500+ users in just a month.

What is the problem: The problem is shown in the BACON-347 ( There is some ghost touch above status bar which cause to open notification panel. After first touch to screen, phone assume that these two touches releated (Your touch and ghost touch) and tell to system there is a slide from first touch to second one. This action opens the notification panel. But if the second touch is for hang up to call phone cant do that because it assume that you want to open notification.

How this app works: During a phone call, this app put a view above status bar and absorbs the effect of ghost touch(When this happened, fix count increase) After user's first touch, if user try to hang up call, app assists user and close the call. But if user touch any other position other than close button, app closes and dont open the notification panel. That is all.

Google Play Link:

*This app is only trying to reduce effects of BACON-347. It is not a permanent fix. You can watch this bug's state from BACON-347*

*This app is only for OnePlus One*
*This app has no guarantee to fix problem. It can be different at every single phone*
*This app is not fix for screen driver*
You can follow that problem at BACON-55 (

This app is open source;


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