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Making An Android App In A Week (Currency - Simple Converter)


Last month i set a goal for myself. Making Android app in one week. But after i choose application context, I and my friend talk about code and UI design. We want to make a "Currency -Simple Converter" app. We looked Markets for other apps in same category, we realized nearly all of then have ugly UI, bad UX. I think a mobile app has to be simple as possible an easy to use for everyone. I always want to make simple, clean UI. So we draw some sketch and started a web search for how we can get exchange rate datas for FREE :)

After this quick search, we choose to use Yahoo. In that pre coding section, we decide to make an experiment about app's language. I wanted to add as many as possible language options and see what happens :) I hoped coding will take maximum 10 hours. (Actually it takes 11-12 hours to finish coding, bug fixing, adding theme option, UI and UX adjustments) 

All process goes like this;

- If you make a good design. Your coding will be take less time.

Here is final product. Do not hesitate give feedback :)


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