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New Update

I just release an update for my first app "Show The Way". I fixed several crash problem and developed some of the features. Bulit-in direction, overlay tracing button ...

I rewrite setting activity. Now it has about, rate my app and share button. I want to get some feedback from users.

In this update, i stop using AdWhirl and i start using MoPub. In last month AdWhirl doesn't record any impression or request. But i still get ads from AdMob and inMobi. I think they stop developing on AdWhirl and focus on AdMob mediation. Whatever i decide to use MoPub and i see it is very easy to implement. It has very good mediation network system and has a good reporting with click number. With this change i start using LeadBolt and TapIt. I don't expect good result with TapIt but i want to have an alternative for AdMob.

Also i decide to develop this app's idea (save location quickly and navigate). I will release a new app which named  "Pin On Map". I will use Polaris Map Library and Sherlock Action Bar. I hope it will be available in this month.


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