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I started learnıing Android one year ago. Now i have only one published app. In this year i learned a lot of thing and write a lot of codes and app for practise. But none of them was finished for me. Because i just want to publish useful app with great user experince.

Because of that  now i decide do a major update for my app Show The Way . I already use SherlockActionBar library from Jake Warthon. I will use Polaris map library from Cyril Mottier and support library from google. I will add a history page for multiple location save and built-in navigation on map(only with draw on map). I want to change progress dialog(async task) with thread then hide address and time information with slidingDrawer.

Besides all this improvement with this app, i just start coding one of my ideas. I think it will finish and tested in a mount. I write it because i need something like that and i think user will like it. (I don't tell anything about app idea for know because it is very changeable and i want to add all thing i think.

And on the other hand i am developing Türk Petrol 's Android App in last two weeks(with holiday i just work for 4 work day). I think in this week all of codes finish and after they decide UI, this project will finish in a couple of weeks.

I want to write something about advertisement. I am using adMob and inMobi with adWhirl. I don't trust adMob because they disabled my own account, now i use a account of my friend. But it has average reveune for my 20000 download app. On the other hand inMobi has only 0.5 dolar reveune in last month. I don't want to disturb user with advertisement. I don't want to use any thing with notification or main screen icon ads. Whatever, i am looking for other advertisement company. Any suggestion? Can you share your experince with ads?

And links of libraries i will use.


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