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I started learnıing Android one year ago. Now i have only one published app. In this year i learned a lot of thing and write a lot of codes and app for practise. But none of them was finished for me. Because i just want to publish useful app with great user experince.

Because of that  now i decide do a major update for my app Show The Way . I already use SherlockActionBar library from Jake Warthon. I will use Polaris map library from Cyril Mottier and support library from google. I will add a history page for multiple location save and built-in navigation on map(only with draw on map). I want to change progress dialog(async task) with thread then hide address and time information with slidingDrawer.

Besides all this improvement with this app, i just start coding one of my ideas. I think it will finish and tested in a mount. I write it because i need something like that and i think user will like it. (I don't tell anything about app idea for know because it is very changeable and i want to add all thing i think.

And on the other hand i am developing Türk Petrol 's Android App in last two weeks(with holiday i just work for 4 work day). I think in this week all of codes finish and after they decide UI, this project will finish in a couple of weeks.

I want to write something about advertisement. I am using adMob and inMobi with adWhirl. I don't trust adMob because they disabled my own account, now i use a account of my friend. But it has average reveune for my 20000 download app. On the other hand inMobi has only 0.5 dolar reveune in last month. I don't want to disturb user with advertisement. I don't want to use any thing with notification or main screen icon ads. Whatever, i am looking for other advertisement company. Any suggestion? Can you share your experince with ads?

And links of libraries i will use.


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Using Accelerometer when Screen Off


Android Phones have a lot of built-in sensor such as gyro, proximity and accelerometer.
Using Accelerometer in Android is a known thing. For listening sensors, class or service needs a SensorEventListener implementation. An Activity is only exists when you are seeing it. When phone enters standby mode, activity which was recently active frozen and restored whenever needed. While this frozen time, activity doesn’t run. Because of that it doesn’t need sensor updates. And Android stop to listen some sensors for power management.

Services have this condition like classes (activity). In contrast to class, a service run every time, even when phone is in standby mode. Therefore Services needs sensor updates for some situations. But android stop to listen some sensor(accelerometer) in some different phones.

There is a solution for that. This is not an exact solution but it work with a lot of phones.

With a BroadcastReceiver listenIntent.ACTION_SCREEN_OFFand register sensor listener a…

How to change position of MyLocationButton on new Map API v2? Explained

When an app use map and design some layout on this map (TextView, Button or image), developer needs to change position of default buttons of map view. (MyLocationButton, ZoomControl or compass...) As far as i know, there are two possible way for changing position of myLocationButton's position.

1- * - Disable it
    * - Create new button programmatically
    * - Add animateCamera(toCurrentLocation) to onClickListener of this button
    * - And place it wherever you want

But if you don't want to write all that there is a hack for that.

2 - * - findViewById() of hardcoded button with;
ZoomControl id =0x1MyLocation button id =0x2      * - And do whatever you want:
// Find map fragment
SupportMapFragment mapFragment = (SupportMapFragment) getSupportFragmentManager().findFragmentById(;

// Find myLocationButton view
View myLocationButton = mapFragment.getView().findViewById(0x2);

if (myLocationButton != null && myLocationButton.getLayoutParams() instanceof RelativeLayout.…

How to use SwipeRefreshLayout? Example

Google just released a new version of Android Support Library with SwipeRefreshLayout[1]. It is pull to refresh layout based on Google Now, not Gmail. Before this release most of android developers use PullToRefresh library from Chris Banes (Special thanks to him for great libraries and android development tips) But with the recent release of Google, Chris drop his support to own library - PullToRefresh. [2] We have SwipeRefreshLayout now it is simple to use with a few line of codes.

Step One: Install
Update your Android Support Library in Android SDK manager and make sure you have version 19.1. Then right click on project and select "Android Tools->Add Support Library". After instaltion your project has brand new support library.

Step Two: Layout
You should add your scrool view or list view in to a "SwipeRefreshLayout"

< xmlns:android="" android:id="@+id/srl_contai…